The fifth Pantheon novel is an action-adventure tale set in the Caribbean which gives quite a considerable nod to James Bond, specifically to Live And Let Die.

Lex Dove is a British wetwork specialist who thinks he’s managed to retire from the game and find contentment.  But then he gets a call, and an offer he can’t refuse.  He’s asked to join forces with a team of US special forces whose stock in trade is supernatural missions.  The objective: an underground bunker on a remote atoll where secret experiments have been conducted.  Something has gone very wrong there, and it’s up to Lex and the Americans to resolve it.

But a countdown has begun, and the mission becomes a deadly race against time…

Naturally the voodoo loa feature prominently in this one, and what self-respecting voodoo novel wouldn’t have zombies — more properly zuvembies — in it?


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