The Hand That Feeds by James Lovegrove and Peter CrowtherThe Hand That Feeds came about when Pete (Crowther) asked me if I wanted to revive the old collaborative team and write a story with him for a White Wolf anthology based on one of that company’s magic games. I can’t remember the name of the game, but it had lots of rules about plot, character and so on, which we observed for the most part. Nonetheless the story was bounced. We then redrafted it, cutting out the game-related references, and sold it as a chaPbook. It was subsequently nominated for a Bram Stoker Award and a British Fantasy Society Award (and there’s a lesson for aspiring writers to take note of there but I’m not quite sure what it is).

The story is set in San Francisco just as World War II ends and features a team of magicians known as the Six. There are plans for a further five novellas about the Six which will, in order, build into a full-length novel. Unfortunately, I’m as busy as hell and so is Pete, so when we’re going to get together to write these novellas is anyone’s guess.

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