Wings by James LovegroveWings is an adaptation of a story which appears in the aforementioned Imagined Slights, rewritten for what are known as “reluctant readers”, which means readers in their early teens with a lower-than-average reading age. The company putting it out is called Barrington Stoke, and the reason I’d recommend anyone of any age to take a look at it isn’t because it’s a brilliant story – although of course it is – but because it has illustrations provided by Ian Miller. Absolutely fucking gorgeous illustrations provided by Ian Miller. Beautiful, finely detailed, etching-type pictures that make me weep with amazement and envy.

Adenydd by James LovegroveAdenydd, The Welsh-language edition of Wings, is the book whose existence I discovered online. See the May 29th 2003 news item, entitled ‘Amusing Internet Anecdote – previously unheard-of Lovegrove book discovered’.

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