Ant God by James LovegroveThis is the third of my Barrington Stoke books for Reluctant Readers. The concept is a Big Idea which I’ve had kicking around in my head for a while, about the nature of divinity and the corresponding relationship between human beings and lesser creatures. This I’ve managed to compress into a small, neat fable about two boys: one, Daniel, the narrator, a reasonably normal kid, the other, his friend Jason, a high-flying eccentric who refuses to accept the world on its own terms and is constantly challenging it and trying to refashion it. Their friendship is put to the test when Jason commits an act of hubris which spells dire consequences for them both.

Like Provender Gleed, Ant God was written at white-heat speed. From five o’clock one morning till lunchtime, in fact. Which means it has a bouncy energy and vitality, while at the same time carrying a meaty, stop-and-think concept. Again, I’m very proud of it.

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