Dead Brigade by James LovegroveI love a good zombie movie, me, and I’ve long been harbouring thoughts of writing a story in that genre. So when Barrington Stoke told me they were starting a new line, Most Wanted, for Reluctant Readers who aren’t teens (i.e. adults), I thought I’d have a bash at giving them a tale about the shambling undead. But I didn’t want it to be about mindless cannibalistic hordes laying siege to innocents holed up in some self-contained environment somewhere, because let’s face it, that idea’s been done to death. And then resurrected and done to death again (bullet through the brain, it’s the only way to be sure).

Zombies in the military seemed to be the way to go – commando cadavers, Frankenstein fusiliers, grunts who grunt. And that’s how Dead Brigade came into existence.

It’s double the length of the usual Barrington Stoke title, so I class it as a novella rather than a short story. It’s also gory, funny, nasty, cynical, and sad. If you don’t feel rather sorry for the book’s half-living heroes by the end, then I haven’t done my job properly.

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5 Responses to “Dead Brigade”

  1. David Watkins says:

    Hi James,
    I stumbled across ‘Dead Brigade’ quite by accident in my local library. As a fan of zombie films (starred in one myself), I ws intrigued by the concept, so I snapped it up.
    Enjoyable, cynical, topical.
    However, the nnovella length really does not do the idea justice.
    ‘Dead Brigade’ would make a great novel.
    Better yet, a great film!
    Have you thought about putting it out for a script option, (I’ll write it!) .
    Inject some dark humour ala my mate Jake West’s ‘Doghouse’ and Neil Marshall’s ‘Dog Soldiers’ (two of my favourite British films) and you could have a winner.
    You might be interested in the e-zine ‘The Zombie Times’ which can be found at ‘terror4fun’.
    More power to your pen hand.
    David Watkins
    Formerly of Anti-Social Films.

  2. James says:

    Hi, David. Just checked out The Zombie Times. It’s fun. Who knew there’s quite so much zombie material out there? Well, I mean, I suspect there was, but this just confirms it.

    Pleased you enjoyed Dead Brigade. You’re right, maybe it should be expanded into a full-length novel. A movie would be fun, too. (Incidentally, both those movies you mention are excellent.) I’ve no idea how to go about getting a script written, however. I’m just hoping one day some producer will come along, wave a fairy wand, and everything will just sort of happen.

    Nick Sharps and I have been corresponding about zombie stuff recently on the thread headed “Guest Bloggery”. You might want to take a look at that.

  3. Afnan Elsheikh says:

    hello I really liked the book but I felt like its not completed I wanted to know what happened to the PM,S daughter .. and I also wanted to know in what period of history is it set ?

  4. Afnan Elsheikh says:

    but even thought I just love the book =)

  5. James says:

    It’s pretty much set in the present day, Afnan. The day after tomorrow, maybe. And as for the PM’s daughter… Umm, let’s assume everything turned out all right for her.

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