Number 4 in the Pantheon series is the bloodthirstiest of the lot.  The Aztec Empire has spread out from Mesoamerica, unchecked (in this alternate timeline) by the Spanish Conquistadors and their missionaries and smallpox-laced blankets.  One man stands in defiance of a world-spanning theocracy that rules through terror and constant human sacrifice: a masked vigilante who kills members of the priesthood.  A police detective is tasked with hunting him down, and the price of failure is too terrible to contemplate.

This one was a ball to write.  Basically, my thinking was, What if you’re the only hero in town, and the rest of the world regards you as a villain?  Or, to put it another way, what if Batman was a radical freedom fighter?  The Aztecs were crazy-violent in every aspect of life, and the idea of writing a story based around their barbaric practices — killing countless hundreds of victims in the name of their gods — was too tempting to resist.  I used as many Aztec-related themes as I could in the book, including Aztec-style weaponry, and of course their gods feature prominently… though I daren’t say how, so as not to spoil the surprise.

Here’s the first chapter.



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