The sequel to Redlaw is finally here.  This one sees our vampire-policing hero, now working freelance after events in the first novel, travel to the east coast of America.  There, he finds himself in the thick of the worst winter in living memory and also at the mercy of Father Tchaikovsky, a vampire shtriga in priest’s clothing.  But this isn’t the only enemy he has to face.  A team of specially enhanced black-ops soldiers are gunning for him, and all that Redlaw has to combat them with are his Cindermaker, his waning faith, and his wits.

Oh, and a wannabe journalist called Tina “Tick” Checkley, whose ambitions may well get in the way of her morals.

It was fun transplanting the very British John Redlaw into a (to him) alien environment and seeing how he fared there.  In the book, I’ve depicted the United States from an outsider’s perspective; it’s all very new and unusual to our hero.  I also drew on my memories of all the times I’ve been to America, not least a few days I once spent in New York during the coldest, most bone-chillingly inhospitable weather I have ever experienced.

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