Here’s a bunch of websites that James is fond of, plus a brief description of them. Go have a browse!

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  • Blogroll

    • Good Show Sir Site parading shoddy and shonky SF book covers, to be roundly and hilariously mocked by a random assemblage of wits, and me.
  • Music

    • David Bowie I’ve been a Bowie fan since Hunky Dory. There’s not much else I can say about him except that he’s a genius.
    • The Divine Comedy I bought the Divine Comedy’s second album, Promenade, on a whim. It completely rearranged my head.
  • Publishers

  • Writers

    • Adam Roberts He’s good. He’s very, very good. He’s so good he makes you want to puke. He’s quite clever too. And he makes me laugh.
    • Eric Brown One of the best authors currently working in British SF, Eric Brown serves up that rare combination of elegant, literate prose and fast-paced plotting, the whole confection laced with stunning and original ideas.
    • Jay Amory My YA authorial alter-ego, creator of the Clouded World series.