Month: January 2013

Oh Hell!

And here’s another cover image, which I forgot to tag onto the previous post.  It’s for the Age Of Satan ebook, and thus devilishly good little number comes courtesy of Mr Simon Parr.













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Godpunk Is Here!

Or soon will be, at any rate.  To the right you will see Jake Murray’s cover art for the compendium collection of my three Pantheon novellas.  It is truly a thing of beauty, is it not?  It was a shame that Marek Okon, cover artist for the series so far, is no longer available (something to do with his signing an exclusive contract to some design company or other) but in his absence Jake is a more than welcome replacement.  He’s brought his own style to the party, clean and cool, and frankly everyone at Solaris is pretty excited about what he’s come up with for the book, and so am I.  I can’t wait to see what he does for Age Of Shiva.

Age Of Godpunk, for that is what we are calling this collection, brings together in physical format the three novellas which have so far only been published as ebooks.  They are Age Of Anansi, Age Of Satan and Age Of Gaia.  The last of these hasn’t actually appeared yet, mostly on account of the fact that, as of this moment, I haven’t begun writing it yet.  When it’s done, however, I think it will sit nicely alongside the other two, and the three of them together should make for an interesting read.

With the novellas, I’m straying somewhat from the military-SF theme of the Pantheon novels, exploring aspects of divinity and the human/deity relationship in different ways.  The tone of them is somewhat lighter and less serious, and there’s minimal gunplay.

In other news, I’ve submitted my manuscript for Sherlock Holmes: The Stuff Of Nightmares for editing.  I wrote this one in an absolute white heat of creativity, a full-length novel in eight weeks.  I was hurrying to meet a tight deadline, but also I was enjoying myself so much, I could hardly stop writing.  The result is, I hope, both a faithful Conan Doyle homage-slash-pastiche but also a bang-up,  full-bore steampunk romp.  There are clues, deductions, investigations and all the other Holmesiana we’ve come to love, but also hair’s-breadth escapes, fiendish plots, dastardly villains and a proto-superhero character.

The cover has yet to be finalised, but as soon as the completed image comes in, I will post it here.



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