Shiny Firefly News!

A year ago, Titan Books asked me if I would like to write a TV tie-in novel. Now, my normal response would have been a flat no. But in this case it was a slavering, frantically eager YES!!! Because the licensed property in question was…


Best gorramn TV series ever.

I’ve been under embargo from telling anyone about this project since then. It’s been almost painful keeping it a secret.

Last Monday I delivered a first draft of my novel, The Magnificent Nine. It’s going to be published in March 2019.

I’m one of three authors producing the first of these new Firefly stories, which have Joss Whedon as their consulting editor and will be canonical. The others are Tim Lebbon and Nancy Holder. I feel I am in very good company there.

I can’t wait for people to have the chance to see my take on the ‘Verse. I’ve been as faithful as I can to the flavour of the show and the foibles of the characters, while indulging just about every Western-themed fancy I can think of. I’ve written a cowboy movie in space, and I hope it pleases everyone from diehard Browncoats to fans of pure escapist SF fun.


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