Month: May 2001

Current Events, Latest News

I’ve just completed my latest opus, Untied Kingdom, and my agent is busy selling it. There’s more information on Untied Kingdom in the bibliography and there will be more details posted here when I know them.

On the more imminent publication front, The Hope is due out again in a new edition from Orion, rewritten very slightly but still as gruesome and nasty and sweaty and sweary as it ever was. Imagined Slights should be out at around the same time – the publication dates are, I regret to say, nebulous at present.

Imagined Slights is a round-up of my entire short fiction output from 1990 to 1997, plus a couple of never-before-published bonus tales (they’re decent ones too, not just filler).

In the even nearer future, May 2001 in fact, I have a children’s book coming out. It’s called Wings and it’s an adaptation of a story which appears in the aforementioned Imagined Slights, and again there’s more info in the bibliography.

Apart from all that, I’m at the mulling stage on my next book, The Penitent. (I love a good mull, me.) I’m also toying with various notions for the one after that. This is the time when I like my job the most: when I’m not having to do any actual writing, just thinking about writing.

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