Wedding Bells and Computer Hells

Shattering the dreams and hearts of countless ladies up and down the land: I’ve got married!

About six weeks ago, I and my cohabitee, Lou, decided to tie the knot, for reasons which remain not entirely clear to both of us, other than that it just seemed like a great thing to do. We kept it entirely hush-hush-secret-squirrel from everyone, including our parents, who were informed only two days before the event. The reason for this was to simplify the organisation of the thing and make it the kind of event we wanted rather than the kind anyone else might want. In other word, no one else was able to get their oar in, and it worked a treat. We had a quiet ceremony at the local registry office followed by a slap-up meal and then a week’s holiday in the Dordogne, where we ate like pigs and drank like fish and loafed around like sloths.

It’s a strange feeling. Nothing’s changed and everything’s changed. I’ve always been adamantly opposed to marriage, but now that I’ve finally gone and done it, it’s not such a terrible, conventional, conformist state of affairs after all. If nothing else, now our cat is a legitimate child-substitute as opposed to an illegitimate one.

Finally, on an unrelated matter: a quick apology to anyone who’s tried to send me an email via this site and failed. Owing to a problem with the ISP — or *something* like that, I don’t know, it’s over my head — emails haven’t been getting through. So if you’ve tried to get in touch and haven’t had a reply, it’s not me being unpardonably rude, it’s just a technical hitch…

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