Month: July 2002

Things are going Suspiciously Well at the moment…

Looks like I’ve finished the first draft of a new novel, which is now on its way through the agent-then-editor filtration process. More details will be furnished once the health (or otherwise) of the new arrival has been assessed. I’m pretty pleased with it, and I think the format of the book — trick, gimmick, call it what you will — is unusual, perhaps even unique.

I’ve also just sold a couple of short stories: ‘Seventeen Syllables’ to Night Shades, an anthology edited by Peter Crowther and Tim Lebbon, and ‘Bible Basher’ to Bible Black, an anthology edited by Darren Floyd of Razor Blade Press. Both books are out next year.

Mr Crowther, of course, needs no introduction here. Mr Lebbon is the acclaimed and award-winning author of more horror titles than I have room to mention. Mr Floyd‘s excellent, edgy, exquisitely-designed books are small-press publishing at its very best. All have websites. Go find ’em!

My children’s book Wings has now been a second distinctive commendation: as well as being short-listed for the 2001 NASEN Award, it was among the 100 Best Books (2002) chosen by Booktrust, a body set up to promote reading and literacy among youngsters.

Finally, there’s a stonking review of Binary 1 on the Infinity Plus website, and three stonking reviews of Imagined Slights to be found in the latest issues of SFX and Starburst and, coming soon, on Andy Fairclough’s Horror World site. Salutations to these fine critics for their wisdom and discernment!

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