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Spring is sprung, the birds are on the trees, the birds are on the other birds, and I’ve just completed a first draft of my next book, Provender Gleed. I’ve knocked this one out in (for me) record time, something like five months, partly because, once I started, I built up momentum and couldn’t stop, but also because I wanted to produce a book that had greater-than-usual pace and energy and the best way of doing that, I decided, was to write it with pace and energy.

Provender Gleed is SF, it’s alternate-history, it’s a detective story, it’s a suspense novel, it’s satire, it’s a sustained wordgame, it’s even a romantic comedy. I’ll reveal more later, when the dust in my head has settled, but I will say that I’m cautiously pleased with it. Its tone is in marked contrast to that of Worldstorm, a darker and much more serious novel. I probably needed to write it as an antidote, a piece of entertainment to counteract Worldstorm‘s violence and sombreness. By the way, if I haven’t mentioned it already, Worldstorm is out in hardback and trade paperback this September.

I must acknowledge here the grant I received from the Arts Council UK which gave me breathing space and financial wherewithal to finish Provender Gleed. Their help and sponsorship were invaluable. I now know I’m not merely a jobbing author, I’m culture!

Finally, for those still awaiting publication of Gig … so am I. There’s been a small production hitch at PS Publishing but I’m assured that the book is on its way and should be out imminently. It may even be available by the time you read this.

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