Month: September 2004

Worldstorm reviewed…

The following is an excerpt from a “review” of Worldstorm on the admirable site, which is hosted by the equally admirable Rick Kleffel. I put “review” in inverted commas as Rick admits he hasn’t actually read the book yet. That doesn’t matter, though. Check out the Alien metaphor!

“Yes, it’s one-hundred percent true. James Lovegrove is arguably our most versatile and skilled writer of speculative fiction. Almost any one of his novels or novellas — from the Arthur C. Clarke Award-nominated low-key SF novel Days to his high-concept SF novel, The Foreigners to the scalding horror-tinged novella that launched the PS Publishing Line, How the Other Half Lives, to his elegiac Bradburyian collaboration with Peter Crowther, Escardy Gap, following Lovegrove is a bit like following the chest-burster around the ship after it departs from John “Really, Really” Hurt in Alien. You see him in one form, but before you know it he’s shed that skin and moved on to something entirely different. From last year’s apocalypso dance Untied Kingdom, a sort of feudal fantasy set in the post-present UK, he’s moved on to the eerily topical Worldstorm…”

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