New Home, New Site

As if to confirm that it’s all change on every front for me, not only do I live in a different corner of Britain now, having relocated from East Sussex to North Devon, but I am the proud possessor of a revamped, rejigged and thoroughly reinvigorated website. As is abundantly evident, it’s spiffy-looking, with a cleaner, clearer design and layout, and is much more user-friendly than the last. There’s a new author photo in the biography section to replace the antiquated and somewhat blurry old one (now you can see me warts and all). There’s an exhaustively thorough bibliography section, which I shall keep updating. The homepage has a sexy array of my book covers, which will also be kept rigorously up to date.

All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased, and I would like to extend copious amounts of gratitude to my webmaster, Ariel, for all the hard work he’s put in, not to mention the great patience and forbearance he’s displayed over the past few months. I presented him with a list of nigh-impossible demands for the site, he came back with a somewhat saner list of counter-suggestions, and the result has still exceeded all my expectations. Thanks, dude!

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