Useful Lessons

End of 2007, and what have we learned this year?

First off, never move house. It’s disruptive, traumatic, expensive, and it destroys your faith in human nature. Stay put. Be happy where you are. Add an extension if you have to. New curtains. New wallpaper. Anything. Just don’t move.

Second off, if you must move house, move to somewhere you enjoy living. Which we’ve done. Eastbourne is fantastic. Why, I could almost see myself growing old and retiring here, ha ha ha. Ha ha. Ha.

Third, write lots of stuff and get it published. Oh wait, that’s not a revelation. I’ve been doing it anyway. I’ve managed one and a half pseudonymous novels this year, plus the first quarter of a new James Lovegrove novel, so that’s one and three quarter novels in total. Added to that are a Barrington Stoke book, four short stories, and thousands of words of reviewage. Been busy.

Fourth, be prepared to receive praise from unexpected but welcome sources: I don’t know much about Mr Remic’s work, but I shall be sure to check some out now. A man of taste, clearly.

Fifth, give thanks where thanks is due. And this year it’s due to Ariel, for discharging website maintenance duties with diligence and aplomb; Eric Brown, for being Constant Correspondent and a reliable source of encouragement and advice; Gillian Redfearn at Gollancz, for editorial efforts above and beyond the call of duty; George Mann and everyone at Solaris, for being so wonderfully enthusiastic and excited; Alain and Stephane at Bragelonne, for being so unmistakably and thrillingly French; Silveracre Comics, a sublime source of Silver Age nostalgia (I’ve been buying black and white ’70s Marvel magazines off them by the dozen); and Joe Gordon at Forbidden Planet, for help and recommendations. Not forgetting the missus, for love and patience, and Monty and Theo, for all those lovely early morning wake-ups and the heady bouts of ultraviolence.

Happy Christmas to all, and here’s hoping for a great ’08.

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