A Moving Target

The first draft of BetterLife is now done and dusted, and emailed off to Stéphane the editor, whose verdict I await with bated breath. I’m experiencing the usual postpartum mixture of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, weighed ever so slightly in favour of the former, with a dash of relief thrown in for good measure. I’m particularly pleased with the book’s very last line, which came completely out of the blue and which tied things up better than I could have anticipated.

And now it’s straight on to the second of the End Of Ages trilogy (or is it the Pantheon trilogy?). Got to keep moving. They can’t hit a moving target. The Age Of Zeus is all about the Greek gods, self-evidently, but I’m fusing that with a superheroes-gone-bad story and adding a kind of Dirty Dozen suicide mission aspect as well. So that’s another entry in the well-worn deities/spandex/military genre that we’re seeing so much of these days.

The French translation of Gig will be hitting French bookshops any day soon; check out the cover(s). I’m looking forward to seeing it, and trying to read it, in order to discover how Mélanie Fazi has resolved the palindromes conundrum.

Finally, there’s this: an audio version of “Wings”, courtesy of Tony Smith at StarShipSofa. Hit the link, and listen away…

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