Month: September 2009

The Fourth And Fifth Lords Of Pain

Lord of the Typhoon by James LovegroveEverybody, I proudly present the cover images for the fourth and fifth volumes of The 5 Lords Of Pain, The Lord Of the Typhoon and The Lord Of Fire. These two are, in my humble opinion, the very best of the lot. The adjective Lisa Murray at Barrington Stoke and I have been bandying about is “kickass”, and kicking ass is what the series is intended to, and what Daniel Atanasov’s artwork certainly does. Mr Atanasov is also supplying illustrations of the main characters and of the martial arts weapons featured in the books for a microsite dedicated to the series. The microsite will launch this December, and I will, of course, supply a link nearer the time.

Lord of Fire by James LovegroveThe sale of Solaris Books has finally gone through, hurrah, and the new owners are Rebellion Publishing; go check out the formal announcement. I’ve briefly been in charge with Rebel Leader Jon Oliver, discussing cover design for The Age Of Zeus, so it seems, encouragingly, that the baton has already been picked up and is being run with. As for Zeus itself, it’s turning into a bit of a behemoth, but in a good way, with gore and gunplay aplenty. I hope to have the MS done and delivered by November.

Review quotes for Ra are now available in the Books section. The cheerleaders are all going ra ra ra!

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