First 5 Lords Review

Courtesy of the inestimably estimable and indefatigably enthusiastic¬†Liz de Jager comes this, a rave about The Lord Of The Mountain.¬†¬† If I may quote: “The Lord of the Mountain is such a fun book – I loved it. It has enough martial arts info to keep all martial arts fundies happy and Tom as the reluctant hero is someone you can root for. Written for readers with reading difficulties I’d push this up a notch and say that everyone should give it a try – the writing is excellent, the plot runs smoothly and it’s also quite a visual book so you can literally see it all take place in your mind’s eye, which is something I love. The cover totally rocks your socks off too – the manga inspired cover is very clever and the depiction of the Lord of the Mountain on the front is just perfect.”

Not a lot I can add to that, really.

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