Ra Goes E

Just heard the word from Solaris that The Age Of Ra is due out in ebook format this Friday.  According to assistant editor babe Jennifer-Anne Hill, “It looks really good, we’ve kept the internal artwork and everything, even on the iPhone version.  Andy Severn is a bit of a genius that way.”  (Incidentally, “assistant editor babe” is not technically her job description and should not be taken to imply that she performs her duties in anything other than a superbly competent and professional manner.)  So if you haven’t yet purchased a dead wood copy — and why not? — then now’s your chance to snaffle up the sleek super-cool electronic version.

I would myself, if I wasn’t (a) a cheapskate, too mean to splash out on an e-reader, and (b) a confirmed, paper-loving bibliophile.

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