Month: March 2010

Lord Of The Mountain Reviews

A couple of terrific write-ups of The Lord Of The Mountain have appeared online.

This is the first, at The Book Zone For Boys.  It’s all good, but I particularly like how delighted the reviewer is at the prospect of more books to come in the series: “I can’t wait!!!!”  That’s not one, not two, not even three, but four whole exclamation marks.  Way above the permitted government levels for excitement.

Then there’s this, from Nayu’s Reading Corner.  Again, all good, but I like how considered and thoughtful the reviewer’s comments are.  All the various aspects of the book and its characters are pondered and insightfully assessed.

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Two-Book Deal

It’s true.  It’s official.  I know it is because it’s appeared on the Solaris website.  I have indeed now signed contracts on that new two-book deal with the Solaris imprint, and I couldn’t be happier.

To quote Solaris head honcho Jon Oliver, “[The books] are Redlaw, a science-fiction, vampire tale that promises to be dark, compelling and exciting; and Dust, an apocalyptic science-fiction story on a grand scale.”  I couldn’t have described them better myself.

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Times Educational Supplement Article

Very nice piece by Helen Ward in this week’s TES, just out.  It covers my visit to Coopers School and talks about the boys who acted as consulting editors on The 5 Lords Of Pain and also their very dedicated and determined class teacher Sue Gillespie.

The Ferrari remark is absolutely genuine.  Honestly, I felt about this big…

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Lords Of Pain Guest Blog

Not enough that I blog here.  I only have to go and guest-blog elsewhere.  This is on the estimable Liz de Jager’s My Favourite Books site, and basically details how I started writing for Barrington Stoke and reveals a little of the actual process of writing for reluctant readers.

Liz sent me some chocolates in return for penning this piece, and I have to say that they’re so tasty, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have a chocolate clause written into all my book contracts in future.  In addition to, not in lieu of, currency payment, of course.

Speaking of which, I’m just about to sign a two-book deal with Solaris, which I’m naturally delighted about.  Working titles for the two books are Redlaw and Dust, and I can’t wait to get cracking on them both.  There’s still The Age Of Odin to finish first, mind.

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Coopers School Visit

Just returned from my day at Coopers School in Chislehurst, where I talked about The 5 Lords Of Pain to a couple of groups of pupils.  Lots of smart questions asked, to which I gave the smartest answers I could (which might not be saying much).

Stars of the event were the six boys who were consultant editors on the series.  Their day was spent listening to me rabbit on about the books, interviewing me for a school podcast, and receiving certificates and signed copies in recognition of the sterling work they’d done.  So well done to Billy, James, Nathan, Richard, Sean and Thomas.  It was a pleasure meeting you.

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Lord Of The Mountain On Sale

Officially The Lord Of The Mountain was published on Friday, and tomorrow I’m off to Coopers School in Chislehurst, Kent, to meet some of the kids who acted as language consultants on the book.  Should be fun.

Meanwhile I’m cracking on with The Age Of Odin.  Nearly 40,000 words in the bag, and I’m having a terrific time with a first-person narrator who’s hopelessly politically incorrect, swears like a trooper (because he used to be one), takes nothing seriously, and is very handy indeed in a fight.  Just like me, in fact, except for the handy in a fight part.

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