Age Of Zeus Reviews Part 2

Couple more very positive notices for Zeus

First there’s this courtesy of Fantasy Book Critic’s Liviu Siciu, who raved so wholeheartedly about Ra last year.  Let me extract from it just one pertinent paragraph out of many: “And the action is just unbelievably good, keeping the reader on his/her edge of the seat so to speak; the monster hunts and later the direct fights with the Gods are the highlights of the book, while the humor and the jibes balance the tension well – though the explicit titles of mythporn movies that are used as cover against the all-seeing Argus who is now the ‘global moderator’ of the world are not for the easily offended.”

And then we have this, courtesy of Detra Finch.  If I may quote the actual review segment of it in its entirety: “***** FIVE STARS! A brilliant combination of modern warfare and Greek mythology. Though the synopsis has the sound of Fantasy, believe me when I say this is Science Fiction. One must read the entire story to fully understand my meaning. Author James Lovegrove’s writing style is intense. His plot is creative, impressive, and could almost be called noble – no matter which side of the battle line the reader may mentally stand on. Lovegrove is on his way to greatness.”

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