How Many Stars Does A Grecian (Novel) Earn?

OK, I admit it, the entry title’s a very convoluted joke.  But the answer, according to the review pages of this month’s SFX, is three and a half.

Actually, it’s a blisteringly good review of The Age Of Zeus, with one or two minor caveats which need not detain us here.  It starts by describing my pantheon books as “wonderfully bizarre”, and dubs Zeus a “barking mad fusion of Andy McNab and Ray Harryhausen”, which is an almost perfect assessment.  It goes on to call the book “a rollicking page-turner, crammed with violence, lurid plot twists and mythic monster-battling adventure”, and adds, “The plot moves like a bullet.”  The final analysis is: “energetic and entertaining stuff”.

In all, a fine write-up, courtesy of that excellent fellow with the wonderfully bizarre name, Saxon Bullock.

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