Month: July 2010

Dust Jacket + Waterstone’s Signing

Here’s the marvellous cover image that’s been conjured up by Tomsilav Tikulin for next-but-one novel Dust

When I first saw examples of Tomislav’s work, his style immediately made me think of 1970s SF paperback covers —  in a good way — and that’s the vibe that he’s gone for here, without lapsing into a slavish tribute or kitsch parody.  While I gave him a few pointers as to what the book is (or rather will be) about, he came up with the visual content himself.  The dead soldier is a great idea — someone obeying orders and suffering the consequences — but for me the loveliest touch is the No U-Turn sign.  The book is (will be) about scientific hubris and the notion of going too far in the name of Progress, but with a secondary theme centring on destiny and the idea of learning to go along with whatever fate allots you in life.  In both cases the message is: once you’re on a path, there’s no turning back.

And now, as with Redlaw, I can’t wait to get started on the book.  In fact, I want to write both novels so much, I’d do them simultaneously, if I could.  A kind of literary menage a trois.

And moving swiftly on from that…

If you’re in the Eastbourne area this weekend (and why wouldn’t you be?) I’m going to be signing books at the town’s branch of Waterstone’s for most of Saturday, from 11am onwards.  So that’s July 31st, Waterstone’s, Terminus Road, Eastbourne.  In the pedestrian-precinct part.  Come along, say hi, buy a copy, have my name and yours scrawled in it.  It’ll be fun.

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Redlaw Cover Image

Check out this...

It’s the cover image for my upcoming novel Redlaw, and it is, I think you’ll agree, awesomely awesome in its awesomeness.

The artist responsible is Clint Langley, as I mentioned in my last post, and I think he’s done an unbelievable job.  In fact, I like this image so much I’ve set it as the desktop background on my computer.  That way it glares at me sinisterly and redly every time I switch the machine on.

When I said “upcoming” above, what I of course meant was “as yet unwritten”.  I’m planning to start work on the book next month, and with luck will have a finished first draft ready by the end of the year.

What this picture does, apart from induce drooling and cause me to become ever so slightly aroused, is make me want to turn in the best damn novel I can manage.  If the contents of the book can match the jacket, or even come close, then I shall be a very happy camper indeed.

Redlaw’s a vampire cop, by the way.  That’s a cop who deals with vampires, not a cop who is a vampire himself.  The bloody-fanged fellow emerging from his coat, and the hoodie types below, are the vampires.  And the bad guys.

 Or … (pauses for effect) … are they?

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