Month: August 2010

Guest Bloggery

The formidable and indefatigable Andy Remic requested me to provide guest content for his blog.  I chose “1-star reviews on Amazon” as my subject, just for a bit of fun.  I hope I’ve been balanced and non-judgemental.  You decide.

Meanwhile, work has begun on Redlaw and is proceeding apace (20,000 words so far in the space of a fortnight).  The story is taking shape quite nicely and I find I’m discovering all sorts of new things about the world I’ve created, which is always gratifying and helps keep one’s enthusiasm up.  There’s also an element of political satire which is coming out much more strongly than I envisaged, and I’m aiming at greater economy of prose and expression than I’ve ever attempted before.

Plus: plenty of fang-tastic action and, in the shape of the title character, a serious hardcase.  Imagine a thinner, white-haired Ray Winstone cross-fertilised with Solomon Kane and you’ll be sort of there.

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