Dust Jacket, Now With Added Text!

Here, fresh from the publisher’s PC, is Tomislav Tikulin’s image for the cover of Dust with the title and author name added.

Looks even better this way, somehow.  I especially like how the word “DUST” is all sort of, y’know, dusty.  Just as if it’s being scoured away by some type of nanoparticle storm that threatens to consume the world and reduce all organic and inorganic matter to grey powder.

Solaris don’t just throw these things together, eh?

I’ve prepared back-cover blurbage for the book that goes a little bit like this:

An escape of nanotech from a British laboratory spells doom for the world.  The bio-engineered submicroscopic particles are a rapacious plague, slowly spreading outwards, consuming everything they come into contact with and reducing it to grey dust. 

All attempts to contain the disaster fail.  A gradual, irreversible apocalypse looms.  But while most people are running away from the encroaching Dust, one man – author Lucas Harris – is making his way towards it.  His wife and family need rescuing.  But Lucas is also a born nihilist, a man in love with the idea of oblivion and obliteration.  His is an odyssey through a disintegrating country towards some kind of reconciliation with life – and death.

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