Sweet Little Number

A fortnight or so ago, Philip Palmer got in touch asking if I’d contribute to the SFF Song Of the Week section on his Debatable Spaces site.  I jumped at the chance, knowing almost immediately which song I’d choose to write about.  Here’s the result.

Philip’s a terrific author.  I’ve just salivated over his third novel, Version 43, for the Financial Times.  Not  literally, as that would be messy.  I mean rave-reviewed it.  The piece should appear in a couple of weeks.

I’ve also included Version 43 in my round-up of best SF novels of the year for the paper.  It really is that good.

Some of you may know that Adam Roberts and I collaborated on an aborted project, a nonfiction book about SF in pop with the working title Geek Musique.  We came up with about 100 songs without even really trying.  Seems like Philip’s trying to do much the same thing online, a very worthy enterprise.

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