Comeback Gig

Gig, my palindromic flipbook rock novella of 2004, is back, bigger and better than before!!! 

(Sorry.  Slipped into Stan’s Soapbox mode there for a moment.)

Previously released in mirror-image flipbook format by PS Publishing, and still available as such, the book is now being released in a brand spanking new ebook format by Angry Andy Remic’s Anarchy Books, and may be purchased from all the usual ebook outlets, i.e. Amazon, any time within the next couple of days onwards.

It’s a nice-looking product, and the text itself has been extensively rewritten, mainly to bring the content of the story up-to-date in this age of music downloads and YouTube (and also to sneak in a few new extra palindromes, because, well, why not?).

It’s also been enhanced, in the way that DVDs are enhanced with bonus material, by the addition of an album of music written and recorded especially for the project.  Written and recorded, I should add, by none other than me.  And yes, sung too.  Consider yourselves warned.

There are four songs and four instrumental pieces, and the album is available as a free download — yes, you heard that right, free, as in gratis, for nothing, without charge, on the house — from the Anarchy Books website.

I would urge you to seek out and obtain this wondrous item.  One isn’t supposed to say this about any particular book in one’s oeuvre, but Gig is a favourite of mine.  It was a pleasure to write from start to finish (and it isn’t every one of my novels I can say that about), and it’s also the book which came the closest in execution to the way I’d originally envisioned it.

The music’s pretty good too, even if I do say so myself.  And all this can be yours for a measly £2.98.  Well, what are you waiting for, True Believer?

(Aargh!  I did it again.)

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