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Talking Turkey About Sherlock Holmes

Here’s me talking about Sherlock Holmes to TRT, Turkey’s English-language news network. My pearls of wisdom begin at around the 3-and-a-half minute mark.

The interview, conducted via Skype, was fun to do. The hard part was setting up my iPad at the right angle. Took about five minutes, with much raising, lowering and angling of the music stand it was perched on.

The eagle-eyed among you will spot that the bookshelf behind me contains a single copy of everything I have ever written. There’s also a Sherlock Holmes picture, the image made up of titles of and quotations from Holmes tales, and a huge framed, blown-up version of the original cover of Days. Comics fans will recognised the Hulk on the calendar on the wall and, on top of the bookcase, action figures of Hellboy and an assortment of Marvel horror characters from the 1970s, still in the box.



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Iconoclast Novella

Out now, for the princely sum of 99 pence (or near-equivalent in your local currency) is this ebook novella, cowritten by me and Nick “N.X.” Sharps.

It’s a fast-paced espionage SF action thriller set in a world where super-powered aliens have set themselves up as the ruthless dictators of planet Earth, opposed by a small but determined band of human rebels.

If all goes according to plan, this will be just the first in a series.

To whet your appetite, behold the terrific cover art by Darryl Petrucci.

Available on Kindle from Amazon UK and other Amazon outlets.

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Epic Interview

I would have blogged about this sooner but I’ve been crazy busy and have only just come up for air.  Here is the first part of the result of an epic-length transatlantic phone interview with Andrew Miller for Geek Asylum.  I really enjoyed myself talking to Andrew, and I hope that shows.

Not much else to report.  I should have a couple of cover images to brag about shortly, but until they come in, all I can tell you is that the nose is firmly to the grindstone.  I’ve begun work on the Age Of Satan novella.  That will be followed by the first of the two Sherlock Holmeses, then the Age Of Gaia novella, then Age Of Shiva, and finally the second Holmes.

By the way, the three novellas — Anansi, Satan and Gaia — are due to appear in a physical-form anthology/compendium in autumn 2013, under the umbrella title Age Of Godpunk.

And after that, we have plans.  Oh yes, we have plans.  But they are secret plans.  So I must keep the secret of the secret plans and not reveal what those secret plans are.  Because they’re secret.

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Two Covers, Two Novellas

It’s covers a-go-go here at the blog.  First off, the mighty Marek Okon has come up trumps again with this image:

It’s for Age Of Voodoo, of course, and there’s Baron Samedi looking all bony and badass…  And what’s that reflected in the lens of his sunglasses?  Hard to say, but if you squint and look closely, it seems like a manlike figure in motion.  Spooky.

Then there’s this:

Sean Longcroft is the artist responsible, and he also provides illustrations in the body of the book itself.  I’m really hoping Ford and Keane — which features a pair of young detectives solving mysteries in their home town — will do well enough to become an ongoing series.

In other news, I have agreed with Solaris to write two more Pantheon ebook novellas to accompany Age Of Anansi.  The first of these, Age Of Satan, should be out in the spring of next year, while the second, which I haven’t even got a title for yet, is due out in the summer.  Then, come autumn, all three will be gathered together and published in a physical-book omnibus edition, which I’m pre-e-etty sure we’re going to be calling Age Of Godpunk.

Oh, and here’s an internet interview thingie what I done at Sci-Fi Bulletin, along with a pic of my lovely Seiun Award for Best Short Story (Translated):

 (Sorry about the fingerprints!)



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Reviews Round-up

Lo and behold, a host of reviews of new and newish releases, plus an interview with me…

First, the interview, with Stefan Fergus at Civilian Reader, and a review of Age Of Anansi to accompany it.

Then there’s this one of Age Of Aztec, plus another one of Age Of Anansi, and a third, of Redlaw.  All three come courtesy of Paul Simpson at Sci-Fi Bulletin.

And, oh, hey, one more for the road (Age Of Aztec again) from Nick Sharps.  Said gentleman is currently languishing in bed with a broken leg, for reasons too spectacularly bizarre to go into here.  Suffice to say that he had an altercation with a car, his own, and the car came off worse.



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What’s On? Holmes Of The Future.

This one’s been bubbling under for a while but it’s finally come to the surface…

Titan Books have made me an offer to write a couple of Sherlock Holmes novels for them.  I pitched them two proposals earlier this year, and found out this week that they would like to publish them.

To say I’m thrilled about this is an understatement.  One of the great pleasures of my childhood was reading the Holmes stories or having them read to me by my father.  In particular, during a two-week holiday in a clifftop house in Brittany, Dad read the whole of The Hound Of The Baskervilles to us, a couple of chapters an evening.  It was fantastic.

Ever since, I’ve wanted to write a Holmes story.  In fact, Conan Doyle is one of the reasons I became a writer (he and Ian Fleming are two of my earliest influences).  So this is genuinely a boyhood dream come true.

The working titles for the books are The Stuff Of Nightmares and Gods Of War.  They’re not going to be completely straight Holmes tales.  There’ll be elements of cyberpunk and the supernatural in both.  There’ll be plenty of action in them too, but also some good, old-fashioned sleuthing.

It’s too early to announce publication dates.  I haven’t even signed a contract yet.  But the first should be out in late 2013 and the second the year after that.

P.S. There’s also this, an interview I’ve done recently for Keith Brooke, about Age Of Aztec and various other forthcoming events.  It was conducted before the above news arrived.

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Sales News And Cover Images

I may already have mentioned elsewhere (i.e. Facebook) that sales of the Pantheon series have now topped 100,000.  [Imagine enormous smiley face or other similar emoticon inserted here.]  I’m pretty happy about this, as you can imagine, and so are Solaris.  I know so because they sent me a lovely bottle of Champagne as a way of saying well done and thank you.  Here’s their press release on the subject.

What’s great isn’t just that the books are continuing to sell in respectable quantities, but that with at least two more on the horizon the figures can only continue to rise as the backlist gets hauled along in the slipstream of each new volume.

But enough of the self-congratulation.  Let’s get on with congratulating others, specifically Simon Parr, who has produced this draft of a cover for the Age Of Anansi novella.  It’s simple and understated but it does its job very well indeed, I think.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished.

Simon has also produced these two new cover images for the deep backlist.  Again, nice and restrained.   They’re for ebook-only release, and will be available to buy…  Well, I’m none too sure when.  But soon, I imagine.

Finally, a few items for your must-purchase list. Warsuit 1.0 is out the beginning of next month (March) — robot-suit action for the SF-savvy teen in your life.  It’s closely followed by Age Of Aztec, which I’ve probably banged on about too much already (but it’s ace).  And you may also be interested, if you’ve a mind to such things, in Strange Divisions And Alien Territories, an anthology of essays on the subgenres of SF, which has been compiled and edited by Keith Brooke and which includes a piece by me on apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic SF.  That’s on sale right now and looks like a very interesting and scholarly read.  Even my contribution.  Yes, I can be erudite when I need to be.

All the links in the above paragraph are to Amazon, but of course other retail outlets, both high-street and online, are available.

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Double Coverage

As a little yuletide treat for one and all, a couple of cover images for forthcoming titles.

First off, here’s how the cover of Warsuit 1.0, my new book for teens, is going to look.  It’s pretty self-explanatory, I feel.  Big-ass weaponised robot suit.  Jumpsuited terrorist bad guys peppering it with ray-gun fire.  Villain-stomping ahoy!

What you will have to imagine is the foil enhancement.  Basically, wherever you see plain white or grey, there’ll be foil.  So that’s the book title, my name and the Warsuit’s eyes.

Now, how about an excerpt from the back-cover text?

Armed and dangerous, Od is trapped in a desperate race to save his father’s life, battling the terrorists who want his secrets, the government who want their Warsuit back, and a viciously beautiful Secret Service operative known only as Angelica W-K…

‘Nuff said.  Out in March.  Order your copy now!

And this one is from the US edition of Kill Swap.  Barrington Stoke, the publisher, have recently signed a distribution deal in the States, and Kill Swap is one of the first contingent of titles from their backlist that’ll be available over there.

I think this is a very cool-looking image.  There’s been some to-ing and fro-ing over the level of gun references on the cover.  Guns and teens, after all, are not a good mix.  However, the inclusion of a semiautomatic in the image is fairly subtle and, in my humble opinion, works pretty well.



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