Collections: Out Now And Forthcoming (Part 2)

At last the gag order has been lifted and I’m permitted to talk about Gutshot.  The editor is that wonderful writer Conrad Williams and the theme is cowboys and horror and cowboy horror.  There’s no projected publication date, nor any cover artwork yet, but I can give you the Table of Contents, which, as I understand it, is almost complete.

Paul Meloy Carrion Cowboy
Alan Ryan Passage
James Lovegrove The Black Rider
Zander Shaw Blue Norther
Joel Lane Those Who Remember
Mark Morris Waiting for the Bullet
Gary McMahon El Camino de Rojo
Joe R. Lansdale The Bones that Walk
Peter Crowther & Rio Youers Splinters
Christopher Fowler The Boy Thug
Amanda Hemingway Ghosts
Simon Bestwick Kiss the Wolf
Stephen Volk White Butterflies
Gemma Files Some Kind of Light Shines from Your Face
Cat Sparks The Alabaster Child
Sarah Langan Beasts of Burden
Adam Nevill What God Hath Wrought
Looks cool, huh?  More info as and when available.
On an unrelated topic, an interview I gave at the SFX Weekender a couple of weeks back is now online.  It was conducted by the very measured and erudite Dion Winton-Polak in one of the, ahem, delightful apartments on offer at Pontin’s, Camber Sands.  The room looked a bit like this:
The podcast may be found here.  It’s part of a round-robin Q&A with me and six other authors (Joe Abercrombie, Scott Andrews, Jonathan Green, Peter F Hamilton, Adrian Tchaikovsky, and some reprobate called Remic) on the subject of general advice about getting started as a writer of genre fiction.
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  1. Nick Sharps says:

    This sounds awesome! Do me a favor at the Q&A though! Hug Joe Abercrombie for getting me back into fantasy, hug Jonathan Green for writing the first Warhammer 40K novel I ever read, and kiss Peter F. Hamilton’s feet for writing Fallen Dragon and changing my entire life. That’s not too much to ask is it 😛 Maybe some autographs! Or you could just kidnap them and put them in my basement…

  2. James says:

    That’s waaaayyyy too much male-on-male contact for me, Nick, and probably for them too. Do you think they’d settle for a nice peck on the cheek?

  3. Nick Sharps says:

    I always assumed Europeans were all for that physical contact thing? Maybe that’s just the French?

  4. James says:

    Yeah, you have me confused with a Mediterranean. Or a Scandinavian. Or basically anyone who isn’t British.

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