Redlaw: Red Eye Cover

This has just come in, hot off the press, or hot off Clint Langley’s hard drive at any rate.  I’m trying to be cool and casual about it, you know, it’s a nice piece of artwork, does its job well, fits the brief perfectly…

But I can’t.


Yes, I have turned into an American teenager.  And I’m not ready to turn back into a 40-something Englishman just yet.


There’s the snow.  The American cityscape.  The creepy- ugly vampire face.  The badass mofos in military gear.  And Redlaw looking even more badass than those badasses.  Like he could whup those badasses’ asses badly.

I share this with you all so that you may bathe in its bleak, radiant brilliance.

And now all I have to do, as ever, is make the book as good as I can, in order to match the cover.  And I haven’t even started writing it yet.

No pressure, then.

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  1. Dave Post says:

    Dude, it is totally freakin’ awesome! As is the Redlaw cover. I’d buy these for the covers alone. I can’t wait to see it with the titles laid in.

  2. James says:

    We did have a version with the title and author name a couple of months back, but for one reason and another it wasn’t right. I think there’s still some tweaking to be done to the image, and once that’s sorted then the designer can work out how to fit in everything that needs to be fitted in. It will, then, be even more totally freakin’ awesome than before. In the meantime, I need to keep working on the stuff that actually goes in between the covers…!

  3. Hey James,

    I just finished Redlaw and Age of Aztec – got a bit behind on my reading, not realising you had TWO books come out (not incl. the ebook) and had to give praise on their entertainment values. Aztec was a great take on the genre and another variant in the Pantheon approach, but Redlaw is what got me hoping for a sequel. It was sad to learn that John was the only survivor, but I did get the impression he should carry on regardless of circumstance. Then, huzzah, next thing I know, I’m seeing Red Eye everywhere. Cannot wait, seriously, you built a great world in Redlaw and to see him continue his adventures outside of Parliamentary London is going to be fun. I’m excited to see John work outside of his usual comfort zone.


  4. James says:

    Thanks, Ryan. Red Eye is in the bag and out in October. Redlaw’s off the leash and in New York, fighting the good fight without any of the resources and backup he used to be able to count on. It’s a real test of both his abilities and his faith. He won’t be without allies, though. I hope you enjoy it as much as the first one.

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