A Couple Of Bits And Indeed Bobs

The big news, it’s official, I know it is because I read it on the Solaris website, is that I have signed a contract for a fifth Pantheon novel.  This one is called Age Of Voodoo, the title carrying on the absence of definite article to be found in Age Of Aztec.  Possibly in the next one we’re going to do away with the “Of” part.  And maybe the “Age” part as well.

Naturally the book is going to be set in the Caribbean, and I’m hoping Solaris will stump up for me to take an all-expenses-paid research trip to the West Indies, staying at a five-star, all-inclusive hotel.  Failing that, I’ll just have to stay at home and keep watching episodes of Death In Paradise.

This one’s planned as an all-action, ticking-clock military-SF yarn, with as many surprises and as much violence as I can pack in.  I’ve already provided a cover brief for the mighty Marek Okon, and when he furnishes us with a finished image, I will of course post it here.

The other bit, or indeed bob, to mention here is this little update on Emmanuel Beiramar’s site, Fantasy.fr.  It’s a fair summary of what I’ve got upcoming in the next few months, and don’t let the fact that it’s in French put you off.  Everything sounds better in another language — especially French.

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