Two Covers, Two Novellas

It’s covers a-go-go here at the blog.  First off, the mighty Marek Okon has come up trumps again with this image:

It’s for Age Of Voodoo, of course, and there’s Baron Samedi looking all bony and badass…  And what’s that reflected in the lens of his sunglasses?  Hard to say, but if you squint and look closely, it seems like a manlike figure in motion.  Spooky.

Then there’s this:

Sean Longcroft is the artist responsible, and he also provides illustrations in the body of the book itself.  I’m really hoping Ford and Keane — which features a pair of young detectives solving mysteries in their home town — will do well enough to become an ongoing series.

In other news, I have agreed with Solaris to write two more Pantheon ebook novellas to accompany Age Of Anansi.  The first of these, Age Of Satan, should be out in the spring of next year, while the second, which I haven’t even got a title for yet, is due out in the summer.  Then, come autumn, all three will be gathered together and published in a physical-book omnibus edition, which I’m pre-e-etty sure we’re going to be calling Age Of Godpunk.

Oh, and here’s an internet interview thingie what I done at Sci-Fi Bulletin, along with a pic of my lovely Seiun Award for Best Short Story (Translated):

 (Sorry about the fingerprints!)



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