Epic Interview

I would have blogged about this sooner but I’ve been crazy busy and have only just come up for air.  Here is the first part of the result of an epic-length transatlantic phone interview with Andrew Miller for Geek Asylum.  I really enjoyed myself talking to Andrew, and I hope that shows.

Not much else to report.  I should have a couple of cover images to brag about shortly, but until they come in, all I can tell you is that the nose is firmly to the grindstone.  I’ve begun work on the Age Of Satan novella.  That will be followed by the first of the two Sherlock Holmeses, then the Age Of Gaia novella, then Age Of Shiva, and finally the second Holmes.

By the way, the three novellas — Anansi, Satan and Gaia — are due to appear in a physical-form anthology/compendium in autumn 2013, under the umbrella title Age Of Godpunk.

And after that, we have plans.  Oh yes, we have plans.  But they are secret plans.  So I must keep the secret of the secret plans and not reveal what those secret plans are.  Because they’re secret.

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