Month: February 2010

First 5 Lords Review

Courtesy of the inestimably estimable and indefatigably enthusiastic Liz de Jager comes this, a rave about The Lord Of The Mountain.   If I may quote: “The Lord of the Mountain is such a fun book – I loved it. It has enough martial arts info to keep all martial arts fundies happy and Tom as the reluctant hero is someone you can root for. Written for readers with reading difficulties I’d push this up a notch and say that everyone should give it a try – the writing is excellent, the plot runs smoothly and it’s also quite a visual book so you can literally see it all take place in your mind’s eye, which is something I love. The cover totally rocks your socks off too – the manga inspired cover is very clever and the depiction of the Lord of the Mountain on the front is just perfect.”

Not a lot I can add to that, really.

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Extract from The Age Of Zeus

Prologue: Corsica

Finally the monster was at bay.

          It had been flushed out of the forest.  It had been hounded downhill, bullets smacking at its heels and whanging into the trunks of oaks and other mountain broadleafs on either side of it.  It had been shepherded by gunfire into the village and driven along the streets.  At last it had been corralled in a cul-de-sac with high, ancient walls on either side.

          Cornered, panting, torso lathered in sweat, the monster turned.

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5 Lords Of Pain Site Goes Live!

Just a note to say that the 5 Lords Of Pain website is now live and online and doing what it does best, which is being full of publishing info, background facts, bloggery and general “DVD extra” type stuff relating to the series.  You can find it here.

The first book isn’t out till February 26th but the site is the place to go if you want to find out what the fuss is all about, who the Five Lords actually are, what the publication schedule is for the series, and where and when I’ll be popping up to promote it.

Well, what are you waiting for?

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Ra Goes E

Just heard the word from Solaris that The Age Of Ra is due out in ebook format this Friday.  According to assistant editor babe Jennifer-Anne Hill, “It looks really good, we’ve kept the internal artwork and everything, even on the iPhone version.  Andy Severn is a bit of a genius that way.”  (Incidentally, “assistant editor babe” is not technically her job description and should not be taken to imply that she performs her duties in anything other than a superbly competent and professional manner.)  So if you haven’t yet purchased a dead wood copy — and why not? — then now’s your chance to snaffle up the sleek super-cool electronic version.

I would myself, if I wasn’t (a) a cheapskate, too mean to splash out on an e-reader, and (b) a confirmed, paper-loving bibliophile.

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